In The Recording Studio Surfing The Web For New Music

Hey guys this evening I have been sitting in the recording studio surfing the web/youtube for new music and new artist and I happened to stumble across a previously unknown artist I had worked with in LA. I produced several songs for them one that I produced has got over 4.5 million plays not bad for an independent! Rock on…I am glad to see it’s moving along keep it up! I am such a music fan and not of any particular genre either I just plain love good music! I am a fan of pop, pop rock, hip hop, rnb, country, gospel, classic rock, new age jazz and many other forms of great music! To me its all about the song, memorable melody lines and the words more than anything else because that to me is the root of music!

Speaking of Youtube there is so much weird stuff on there its kind of freaky and I don’t think youtube is for kids! Dear God can we get better video and content filter? Even I sometimes I get sucked into weird stuff that I didn’t want to watch and I have to smack myself in the face to snap out of it. The dreaded look of the disgust on my face while watching some of these videos, I am sure its leaving imprints “in” my monitor…Somehow its melting the pixels and leaving a permanent negative energy trail that looks a lot like this :(

Anyways I felt productive today! I washed laundry and even hopped into the recording studio for a minute to work on a couple forthcoming songs! I hope you guys are well…

Be Blessed- Seek Humility, Isaac Reain

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  1. I need a mix and master on my latest track I called and spoke with the a guy there…If I do multiple tracks is there any additional discount?

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