Recording Music And Getting The Vocals Right…

Ok let me start with this, “With out great vocals in very hard to recognize a great song!” What makes a great vocal you ask? I will highlight a few areas to give you an idea…but before I do that let me assure you a great vocal isn’t much with out a great song as the two go hand and hand. It is a great song which bring recognition to ones own “vocal talent” and a great song well I will have plenty of time to get into that in another blog.

What Makes A Great Vocal Highlights:

  1. Pitch: “Are you on key?”
  2. Emotion: “Do I believe what you are saying?”
  3. Relatability: “Can I relate to it?”
  4. Record Quality: “High quality recording.”

These 4 things are the life blood of a captivating vocal. Miss just one of these four and you miss your fans and/or any potential new fans.


Be Blessed- Stay Humble, Isaac Reain


4 thoughts on “Recording Music And Getting The Vocals Right…”

  1. I really like your site do you have to live in Los Angeles to use your recording studio especially the mixing and mastering services? How does that all work? I did send you guys an email with my contact info and a couple other questions. Thanx

  2. What time slots if any do you have available with in the 3 weeks on the weekend about 4-6 hours? We have already called and left a vm we are needing to record some vocals just a heads up thanks!

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