A Little Music Everyday And Late Night Recording Sessions

Hey Guys I hope you are well! Well I had a late night last night, let me clarify for me it was the all too dreaded all-nighter in the recording studio uggggggggggh. But on a brighter note we did get a lot done I am working with a client on a kick back 1980’s feel/vibe song. We have almost all of the music produced and it’s a pretty catchy little melody line of which I had a hand in writing…Ha!

The track reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean with the pumping bass line and tight mid tempo impact drums, I think this song has very good potential.

Once the music production is complete we will be moving on to recording some awesome vocals and I have got a lot of old tricks, people always ask me, “How did you do that?” But man oh man have I got some new trick up my sleeve and I can not wait to put them to task! Exciting…so all and all an all-nighter here and there it isn’t so, SO bad if you get the work done and you have a few extra hours the next day to catch up on your much beloved beauty rest:D

Thanks for stopping by! Once we get rolling I will post you some tips, tricks and perspectives for music production and recording especially acoustic instruments and vocals and we will get to know each other better as we move along! Hit me up with any questions in the comment section!

Be Blessed-Stay Humble, Isaac Reain


3 thoughts on “A Little Music Everyday And Late Night Recording Sessions”

  1. I think this is my step brothers studio site! How cool – I had no idea…havent seen him in like 20 years ugggggggggggg.

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