News Flash Recording Studio LA “We” Are Making Music Again!

Hey everyone I hope you are all well! Today we are working with another new client its a hip hop group based out of the Salt Lake area. We are working at the Odgen recording studio and this will be our 4th song with this clients obviously they love the work! And I personally love doing it-Ha!

We have one song in the oven its already cut, just awaiting the mix and final master then another one we will track today on this beautiful Northern Utah Sunday.

I have rewired a lot of stuff in the studio recently and I finally have my vision in nearly full perspective. I have accomplished I’d say at least 80-90% of my vision and then some successfully at this studio thus far here’s a little break down. Equipment nearly 95%, aesthetics nearly 98% and functionality and options nearly 99% and vision nearly 95% right now we are just really working on the market which is key to any new or old company for that matter.

Remember I told you about the new song that’s kind of a 80’s kick back I am working on with a clients a couple of days ago, well it is coming along very well. We are doing the full production and recording of all instruments including the vocals with mix and master that I am really excited about its becoming a great fun song. I will give you links once it’s complete.


Well everyone I am signing off for now be safe and and keep on making music!

Be Blessed-Seek Humility, Isaac Reain

11 thoughts on “News Flash Recording Studio LA “We” Are Making Music Again!”

  1. Did you just create your new la recording studio Facebook page? Or did you not create that, Someone else did? Just curious,

  2. I noticed a lot of music folks are a bit eccentric do you guys think its the overdose of music that make them that way or they like music because they are??? Any opinion? My ex was one :/

  3. Thank you very much for all of your articles I am now building my own home studio to start recording my first album due to encouragement from your sit and sites like yours perhaps one day we can work together. Thanks – Wilma

  4. I decided to leave a message here on blog instead of calling you. How much do you charge for mixing and mastering of an entire album at your studio? Is it there any discounts for the whole album? Thanks in advance!

  5. I was just looking at “We” Are Making Music Again! – Blog website and see that your website is doing well. Congrats!

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