Writing And Arrangings Symphonic Music Orchestral Production

For the last couple of months we have been working with a client for a fairly large complex project involving classically themed music and a choir. Our client simply brings in their compositions and we map them out with a piano directly into Pro tools. Our next step was to assemble their choir and arrange their schedules so we can record all of their pieces. We have recently completed that stage and we are now deep into arranging the musical accompaniment writing the violin, cello and upright pieces “string arrangements” along with woodwinds, brass and others it is really coming together. I am quite please with where this is all heading!

Writing new musical pieces to someone else’s composition can be somewhat daunting until you find your groove inside the song. If you are intuitive you’ll start to see, understand and feel what the music is trying to say and from that point forward its a cake walk. I really enjoy expanding myself and doing new things though this type of project is not all that new to me it is still practice. It’s a practice in my craft that affords me to hone my skills and become better and better as I move along my musical road. I truly love seeing the smile on my clients faces and watching them light up when they hear their song come to life in the recording studio for the very first time!

At the end of the day if you find yourself sitting in a recording studio in Los Angeles  realizing you truly love what you do and if you are able to survive while you do it you are truly blessed. Because the heart pays you what money can not afford joy and well being! A life with out music for me is not anything I want to experience I just thank God for life and while I am at it I thank him for music too!

Be Blessed, Seek Humility-Isaac Reain

3 thoughts on “Writing And Arrangings Symphonic Music Orchestral Production”

  1. Do you guys record classic style grunge music as well I sent you a couple mp3s hope you don’t mind? Love the info on your site cool blog

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