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      At our Los Angeles Recording Studio we understand that everyone is on a budget of some type and everyone needs to both pay their bills and feed their heart that's why we are launching a brand new feature for the first time called Play/Pay. It can help you both accomplish your long term goals and still have food on the table.

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      Play/Pay is simple: It allows you to avoid the full upfront cost of your recording project with us so you can get started right away. Then all you need to do is keep up on your monthly payments. Our new Play/Pay feature is available on most Mid-level projects up to and around $1,000. Give us a call to see if your project qualifies.


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      Play Pay is just that simple you make a deposit on your project and pay the rest later. Every project doesn't qualify for Play Pay so give us a call and see if yours does. We work with every client to stay with in their budget and we are well equipped to help you figure out the best bang for your buck. We'll see you in the recording studio!


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